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GPER Property Services offer a wide range of plumbing services in Rotherham, Sheffield and South Yorkshire. We install boilers, central heating, carry out repairs, servicing and a host of other services….Call us today for a professional service at an affordable price.

Powerflushing & Radiators


Powerflushing is the best way to restore your heating system, by removing sludge and corrosive deposits you should eliminate cold spots on your radiators and allow your system to run more efficiently.

As an optional extra a FERNOX TF1 hydrocyclonic and magnetic in-line filter can be fitted, this will prolong the life of the boiler heat exchanger and general life of the heating system including the pump.

5 or less radiators


6 to 10 radiators


11 to 15 radiators


After the powerflush or installation of a TF1 filter, an inhibitor will be added to your system to further enhance it.


If you are wanting to change a radiator, move location or simply add a new one please contact us for competitive prices.

All new radiators come fitted with new thermostatic radiator valves and lockshields.

After installation inhibitor is added to your system to add further protection to your heating system.